Beautiful necklaces with puffy paint! ♥

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Watch and Take pleasure in the Gorgeous necklaces types video.
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21 Responses to “Beautiful necklaces with puffy paint! ♥”

  1. Kiki Gao says:

    Would it break?

  2. Gymnastics 131 says:

    Pau adell…Your Good On Editing…What the name on u use for edit videos

  3. McKenzie Ross says:

    Song please

  4. happy moo cow says:

    This is really pretty they could also look really good if you put
    rinestones in them.

  5. tutorials / crafts says:

    what type of paint do you use

  6. Brandi Rodgers says:

    puffy paint pink cant you tell


  7. stormt1000 says:

    Thank you so much for this! It will be a great help when I add filigree
    detail to a breastplate I’m building. I never thought I’d figure it out. 

  8. amber higurashi says:

    Does puffy paint come off easy on plastic wrap? How do you peel it off?

  9. Loomix says:

    this is so cool!

  10. Amy Sek says:


  11. JuiceBoxAndTicTacs says:

    Cool idea, but is it durable?

  12. María HP says:

    Hola! Me he dado cuenta de que los productos que usas tienen el nombre en
    español. Asi que supuse que tu lo hablas. (but i can write that in English
    if you prefer it) solo quria preguntarte donde se consiguen las plantillas
    para hacer los collares?

  13. Nikita D says:

    How long does it take to dry

  14. Öykü Yücetürk says:

    These are so cute, where can I find the templates?

  15. HpProductions07 says:

    What did you apply the puff paint to? And how well did it release?

  16. PauAdell says:

    It is a clear bag, inside the bag I put the puffy paint and then I cut one
    of the extremes :)

  17. PauAdell says:

    Thank you! :) the templates are in my blog, you have the link in the
    description video!

  18. PauAdell says:

    Hola!! Sí, hablo español y muchas gracias por suscribirte y por darle a me
    gusta a este vídeo :) Pues las plantillas las he diseñado yo, si quieres
    les hago una foto y las cuelgo en mi blog para que te las descargues ^^

  19. PauAdell says:

    Hi dear friend! The necklace can last more or less, but the truth is that
    the material is a little delicate. You can substitute the puffy paint by
    hot or cold silicone ( I prefer hot silicone), that is more resistant, the
    idea is the same, you only change the material. Sorry for my english, I
    hope I’ve been helpful to you! :)

  20. PauAdell says:

    About 2 or 3 hours! :)

  21. Fashion Art India says:

    Watch and enjoy the video

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